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MD Hunter Earthmoving is a small family business based in the village of Prairie, near Hughenden in the Flinders Shire in Queensland. Michael Hunter first started as a contractor for the Flinders Shire in North West Queensland with a water truck in 1985. The name of the business was changed to MD Hunter Earthmoving in 1997 when Michael Hunter won a contract for grading the shire's rural roads and bought his first grader.

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Our Vision.


Regular maintenance grading almost 500 km of roads in the rugged basalt ridges and back soil valleys of the North-West Sector of the Flinders Shire has been the main contract for MD Hunter Earthmoving for over sixteen years.

In addition to maintenance grading, MD Hunter Earthmoving has successfully completed numerous construction contracts in the Flinders Shire. More equipment has been added to the MD Hunter fleet as needed to suit the work. Since 1997 MD Hunter Earthmoving has been growing Steadily and now in 2014 MD Hunter Earthmoving have two graders and a scraper as well as a backhoe, a heavy rigid water tanker and a prime mover and semi water tanker and a heavy equipment float. We also hire any other necessary machinery on an as needs basis when required.

Michael Hunter's Earthmoving takes great pride in its achievements and has a reputation for getting the work done on time and within budgets. Our impeccable record for reliability comes from the efforts we invest in taking the very best possible care of our operators and machinery at all times. Our high standard of machinery maintenance makes precision possible and precision work is a specialty at MD Hunter Earthmoving.

At MD Hunter Earthmoving we have great respect for Cultural Heritage and the Environment. W HO used to comply with Cultural Heritage and Environmental requirements. We take care to leave any sites we work on as minimally disturbed and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

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Company Profile.


Just a few of the most recent projects completed by MD Hunter Earthmoving include:

  • The recent construction of Strathstewart Road, 37 km, including the cutting of Strathstewart Wall from Ih.lop of the basalt ridge down to Cleanskin Creek, (see photos).

  • Construction of Walkcege Wall, Beantree Wall, Dutton Downs and Torver Walls.

  • Widening and Lifting of Old Muttaburra Road for a distance of 60 km.

  • Widening and Lifting of Old Richmond Road for a distance of 40 km.

  • Widening of Old Richmond Road from Dalkeith Turnoff to Wash pool Creek.

  • and many other projects which have been completed by MD Hunter Earthmoving for the Flinders Shire Council and private landowners over the years would be too numerous to mention here.


Flinders Shire Council has been well and truly satisfied with the adherence to design specifications and the high standard of quality evident in our finished products. MD Hunter Earthmoving have also helped the Flinders Shire Council out on Main Roads construction projects and have had no problems meeting or exceeding Queensland Main Roads standards.


MD Hunter Earthmoving has its own safety management plan and complies with Queensland standards For Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.

MD Hunter has attended a MUTCD Sign Course and graduated with a Level 2 certificate and is well-practised at positioning and maintaining his own road signage.

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